Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris: Hello Beautiful!

Every time I get out of the metro and look up at NDP I can’t help but say “hello beautiful”.

My name is Caroline and I am “official” guide at the Cathedral- the official guides don’t have a secret handshake but we do know the door codes- which feels kinda cool.

It is incredible that I get to speak to visitors from around the world about Notre Dame.  Through the Gothic architecture, the medieval symbolism and the stained glass windows we try to begin to understand the spiritual message that shines through.

This blog hopes to capture some of the things I talk about on my tours.

I usually give my free tours on Thursdays at 14h, we meet inside at the central doors. ¬†Send me a comment to make sure I’ll be touring that day.

Oh, fyi, all photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.


Can you even believe this place?

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